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Yibo, a seasoned designer and creative mind, brings over 10 years of experience from leading roles at renowned agencies like teamX (Omnicom), Publicis Emil, and Leo Burnett. Currently, he has served as the senior designer at the dedicated Mercedes-Benz advertising agency for over 4 years.

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This showcase features my design and creative works, capturing the essence of sophistication and innovation. Explore the dynamic fusion of design and automotive brilliance.

Immerse yourself in Mercedes-Benz excellence.


Tactical Campaign

Branding | Brand Identity

Mercedes-Benz, Retail Campaign, Mercedays, EOFY, Demonstrators

Product Campaign Launch | Design

Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Retail Campaign, Trucks, Actros

Branding | Brand Identity

Mercedes-Benz, Branding Designs, 5 Year Warranty

Campaign | Design | Creative

Mercedes-Benz, Retail Campaign, Mercedays, EOFY, Demonstrators

Branding works


Branding | Packaging | Digital 

MIHIJO, Branding Designs, Dog, Pet, Supplements, New Zealand

Branding | Packaging | Website Design

ARRAVITE, Branding Designs, Supplements
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