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MIHIJO is a pet supplement brand where we blend love, nature and science from New Zealand to create products that enrich the lives of pets of all ages and needs. I developed all branding elements, including logos, colors, typography, imagery, brand identity, packaging, social media, and website.

Branding & Packaging




From brand positioning, visual identity and logo, to tone of voice and creative campaign, NIO (my studio) is proud to be the architect of the conception of MIHIJO, developed in partnership with our client.

We incorporate a French bulldog icon into our type logo, it is straightforward to read, looks modern, simple and cute, easy to recognize, good legibility on different print or digital formats.​​​​​​​


There are two major variants: Space time base and DIN Next Rounded LT Pro.
Space time base represents the “emotional” aspect of the brand. Because of this it is used for headlines that are usually short, catchy and on point. DIN Next Rounded LT Pro is a sans-serif font that stands for the rational aspect of the brand. It is therefore used in subheadlines and body copy, which has more detailed information.


Our color palette is unique, Aqua blue for dog products, pink for cat products, Aqua blue represents a sense of adventure, freshness and cleanliness, which is often desired in products related to pets. Pink, on the other hand, can be a fitting choice for cat products as it is often associated with femininity, delicacy, and sweetness. Pink can evoke a sense of gentleness and tenderness, which aligns with the nature of cats and the affectionate bond between cats and their owners.​​​​​​​

Color Palette

Stationery, business card, bag, poster, free trial, packaging tape, box, social media, website.​​​​​​​


The brand book keeps us consistent, providing guidelines for visuals and tone. This ensures a unified brand image.

Brand Guidelines

"The outcome of design is like the tip of an iceberg — what you see is just the visible part above the water. The majority of the groundwork happens beneath the surface during the early stages of a project, encompassing research, ideation, and strategic decision-making."

Little note

Client: MIHIJO (New Zealand)

Work: Brand Identity | Packaging Design | Web Design | Print | Digital

Market definition: Pet health and wellness, natural and effective nutritions

Services: Brand strategy, positioning, art direction, graphic design, video, motion graphic

Contact: Yibo Li,

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