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Stop living with mouth monsters!

Listerine Online video Campaign


Leveraging only social media buzz, out brief was to let people know that after brushing alone their mouth is still covered with harmful bacteria. And that by using Listerine they can clean their mouth 100%.


We created a memorable campaign to make harmful bacteria — Mouth Monsters— highly visible within social media. On our Sina Weibo campaign hub, consumers could watch out unexpectedly video and were encouraged to join the fight against Mouth Monsters by becoming a member of the Listerine Oral Safety Bureau and receiving a coupon for their next e-purchase of Listerine.


In one month: Over 1 million shares in social media, more than 4 million video views, and Listerine’s e-commerce sales in China rose by over 50%!


2014 RIO (Return on Investment) Festival China.

My Role : Art Director

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